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5 Steps to Better Marketing

1.) Know who your audience is:

Research who you are trying to target. This will help you to build not only your demgraphic, but your psychographic (how your most ideal customer thinks).

2.) Have a clear message:

Once you know your audience, you can speak in their lingo to connect with them on their level.  Also, be sure not to overwhelm them with too much at once - or mixed messages. People are busy, so don't make their lives more complicated.

3.) Offer real value:

Through your research you should have identified some "pain points" that you can solve for them. This is so much better than just a generic offering because they know you spent time thinking about them in particular.

4.) Hire a professional:

Yes, this sounds like a shameless plug and it is in a way, however there is merit to this statement outside of that... Just as you wouldn't let a plumber perform surgery on you, you shouldn't try to do someone else's job - unless you happen to be really good at it.  The indirect loss of customers from bad design (let's say) may be costing you more than what paying a pro might have.

5.) Test, tweak, repeat:

With so many ways to advertise cheaply, there's no excuse to not try different things. Watch the results and keep what works, while shedding what doesn't. The more you do this the more effective your marketing gets - and it will bring you better returns on your investment of time and/or dollars.