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Design for Web and Print

<p>It&#39;s easy to assume that designing for the web is the same as designing for print...Besides,&nbsp;if it&#39;s text and images, what&#39;s the difference, right?&nbsp;</p>

<p>Wrong. Let me explain: When you are designing for the web, you have a lot more competition for the reader&#39;s attention.</p>

<p>With a brochure, for example, the reader is probably in your office, or was given one, or maybe even picked it up off the ground! - The point is, the level of engagement is high and the likelihood of <em>other</em> brochures like yours being around is low.</p>

<p>However, on the web there are a million other businesses like yours, just a click away.&nbsp;This means you only have about 7 seconds to grab their attention and keep it. You have to re-design not only your text and graphics, but also consider the layout of&nbsp;your site.</p>

<p>It may be pretty, but if it&nbsp;doesn&#39;t quickly&nbsp;make sense for the user by providing the information they came for - they are gone and will probably never come back.&nbsp;</p>